1,000 Low Fat Recipes


by: Terry Blonder Golson
Format: Hardcover

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With 1000 Low-fat Recipes, Terry Blonder Golson has produced the definitive resource for creative low-fat cooking. An experienced chef and cooking teacher who specializes in low-fat home cooking, she has developed an extraordinary range of simple, healthful, and delicious recipes for every kind of food under the sun, and you'll never miss the calories. Written with the everyday cook in mind, its flavorful recipes are straightforward, simple to follow, and quick to prepare: The majority take less than half an hour from start to finish and require ingredients that are likely already in your cupboard.

Many of the recipes are low-fat versions of popular foods, from oatmeal cookies and stuffing to lasagna and Kung Pao Chicken. Your taste buds will thrill to dishes like Strawberry-Stuffed French Toast, Mashed Potato Timbales, Scallops Linguine, and Chocolate Marble Cheesecake. Novices will find Golson's commonsense approach comfortable to follow, while experienced cooks will be inspired by the wealth of creative new ideas offered. The recipes are grouped by food type and are easy to access: whether you want your fish baked, whole, grilled, poached, stewed, gumboed, or pan-fried, you'll find it all under "Entrees: Fish and Shellfish." Golson also provides nutritional information following each listing. With this wealth of slimming, savory dishes at your fingertips, you will never have to skimp on taste to preserve your waist. --Jhana Bach


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