10-Minute Talks: 24 Messages Your Students Will Love


by: McKee, Jonathan
Format: Paperback

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Product Description Sometimes you don’t have their attention for very long. Whether you’ve planned for a short message or your program has run long, a ten-minute talk is sometimes all you have space for in your youth ministry. So make sure you make it ten minutes that really count! If you need to communicate something meaningful in just a little time, 10 Minute Talks has just what you need—more than two dozen ready-to-go, story-based talks. With talks for spiritual growth, targeted at your Christian students, and outreach talks, perfect for any teenager, you’ll be prepared to give them a bite of truth that they can walk away remembering. Following the method Jesus used most often, these 10 Minute Talks give you stories that can impact students with one simple point. Each talk gives you the tools you need to make it count, and the flexibility to make it work for your context. Along with each topic and title, you’ll find: • The Big Idea • Scripture • The Story • The Transition Statement • Application • Closing Don’t get caught with nothing to say—or too much to say in the time you’ve got! Get 10 Minute Talks and get a meaningful message across quickly! Review "Jonathan truly understands youth and how to minister to them. He also knows how to communicate Scripture to youth in high-impact ways. 10-Minute Talks is filled with messages that do exactly that." -Dan Kimball, author, They Like Jesus but Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations "Don't make the mistake of thinking this is another book of quickie ideas for microwave youth work: 10 minutes of prep time and 10 minutes of mush that has about 10 minutes of impact in a student's life! What Jonathan has given us in 10-Minute Talks is a collection of engaging, biblical messages that can be delivered in 10 minutes-but also offer students images and examples that can provide a lifetime of impact. I also really like the extra touches provided with each talk: The transition helps, the specific biblical passages, the application ideas, the presentation tips. For me, those are some of toughest parts of message preparation. I know a lot of youth workers will find this book really helpful. Good stuff!" -Duffy Robbins, author, Speaking to Teenagers; professor of youth ministry, Eastern University    "Good, tight talks to teenagers are a challenge, if not an art form. Jonathan's book not only supplies practical outlines and stories that make this task much easier, it teaches a way of thinking about talks that you'll carry with you into a fruitful ministry anywhere. While there's no such thing as a 'just add water' resource, if you learn to 'just add context,' this book will jump on and off your shelf like your favorite cereal!" - Dr. Dave Rahn, vice president and chief ministry officer, Youth for Christ/USA "If you can talk to kids, you can talk to anybody! I've always believed that youth pastors make the best preachers, and Jonathan's book proves the point. His method and messages will help every communicator connect quickly, communicate clearly, and close effectively." -F. Bryan Wilkerson, senior pastor, Grace Chapel, Lexington, Massachusetts "Working with junior highers, I've learned the importance of short, high-impact lessons. Thanks, Jonathan, for providing us with an easy-to-use resource that makes the tough job of writing talks a whole lot easier!" -Kurt Johnston, Saddleback Church; author, My Faith, My Family, My Friends, and My School (from the Youth Specialties Middle School Survival Series) "What should busy youth workers do with a book that will help them connect better and speak better-while actually saving time? Buy it and use it! Jonathan McKee has taken a lifetime of speaking experience and put it into 24 great messages that you can actually use! This is no ivory-tower collection of lectures that someone hopes might connect; no, the illustrations are sharp, the messages relevant, and the content is tested and proven. If you have the gift of teachin


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