101 Ethical Dilemmas


by: Cohen, Martin
Format: Paperback

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Product Description First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company. Review 'The book starts with the warning that it is not a guidebook for ethical living. What it does do is plant hundreds of more ethical questions in your mind, fulfilling its role as a light hearted, lively introduction to the subject of ethical philosophy. It may not make you a better person or resolve all your problems, but it's a great work out for your brain!' - Get Ethical.comThis book has proved to be invaluable in a pilot project promoting Philosophy and discussion activities in our school. We use this book twice a week as the basis of group discussions of ethical issues, and it is a great success...There is something here for students and people of all ages. I heartily recommend this book, as well as [Martin Cohen's] previous one, which we have enjoyed equally. - Michael Brett, Head of Philosophy, Lochinver School'101 Ethical Dilemmas... is a chatty, jokey journey through philosophical dilemmas ancient and modern... the philosophy is the real thing.' - New Scientist'The logical positivists might have called ethics gobbledegook, but it is well and truly on the menu here in 101 courses' - Age'101 Ethical Dilemmas is the natural sequal to [101 Philosophy Problems] that wonderful book...it's entertainment that trains you to think more intelligently about discerning right and wrong and about how you choose to act.' - Fish.co.uk'101 Ethical Dilemmas is a well-structured book which raises many of the ethical issues of today's world.' - Rabbi Jeffrey Cohen, The Australian Jewish News'Martin Cohen does a good job of weaving some intriguing stories and classic philosophical ideas and arguments into the discussions.' - James Ladyman, senior lecturer in philosophy, Bristol University, The Times Higher Education Supplement'... Cohen does a good job in weaving some intriguing stories and classic philosophical ideas'- James Ladyman, Times Higher Education Supplement About the Author Martin Cohen is currently working as a researcher at the College of St. Mark and St. John in Plymouth. He is the author of 101 Philosophy Problems, 2nd edition (2002) published by Routledge. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Dilemma 1 The Lifeboat The battleship 'Northern Spirit' was torpedoed in the engine room, and began to sink rapidly. 'Abandon Ship!' shouts Captain Flintheart. But few of the lifeboats are intact. One boat, desperately overloaded, manages to struggle away from the sinking vessel, Flintheart at the prow. The cold, grey waters of the Atlantic around it are filled with screaming, desperate voices, begging to be rescued. But faced with the grim knowledge of the danger of capsizing the little boat, endangering the lives of these already on board, should any more sailors be picked up and rescued?


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