10th International Conference on Turbochargers and Turbocharging


by: Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Format: Paperback

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Product Description This book presents the papers from the latest international conference, following on from the highly successful previous conferences in this series held regularly since 1978. Papers cover all current and novel aspects of turbocharging systems design for boosting solutions for engine downsizing. The focus of the papers is on the application of turbocharger and other pressure charging devices to spark ignition (SI) and compression ignition (CI) engines in the passenger car and commercial vehicles. Novel boosting solutions for diesel engines operating in the industrial and marine market sectors are also included. The current emission legislations and environmental trends for reducing CO2 and fuel consumption are the major market forces in the transport (land and marine) and industry sectors. In these market sectors the internal combustion engine is the key product where downsizing is the driver for development for both SI and CI engines in the passenger car and commercial vehicle applications. The more stringent future market forces and environmental considerations mean more stringent engine downsizing, thus, novel systems are required to provide boosting solutions including hybrid, electric-motor and exhaust waste energy recovery systems for high efficiency, response, reliability, durability and compactness etc. For large engines the big challenge is to enhance the high specific power and efficiency whilst reducing emission levels (Nox and Sox) with variable quality fuels. This will require turbocharging systems for very high boost pressure, efficiency and a high degree of system flexibility. About the Author The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is one of the leading professional engineering institutions in the world.


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