by: Milo Sobel
Format: Paperback

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Finally, there's an easy and proven way to acquire the business know-how and analytical skills of a B-School graduate, in only 12 hours.
The 12-Hour MBA Program further develops and fine-tunes the highly successful seminar that was created by noted management educator and consultant Milo Sobel in 1986. This seminar has been delivered in public seminars and for corporate clients throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.
It presents the core concepts and techniques of an MBA curriculum in a refreshingly easy-to-understand format that makes full use of illustrative examples and focuses on practical applications. And it strips away extraneous or arcane details that MBAs themselves have found to be just a waste of time.
What you really need to know is easy to locate and apply to your particular situation, including 9 tested ways for a business to quickly improve its cash flow; little-known sources for raising capital or funding a business; 3 time-honored and universally accepted investment valuation methods; idiosyncratic credit and how this concept typically generates customer satisfaction and increased profits; numerous cutting-edge applications of technology - including those of computer, telephone, and satellite, or involving Electronic Data Interchange, Virtual Reality, and other breakthroughs; many simple mathematical formulas to help turn "soft" or subjective estimates and opinions into "harder" and more reliable figures, for forecasting as well as other purposes; a "boilerplate," step-by-step format to guide you through the creation and evaluation of a strategic plan.
The 12-Hour MBA Program also provides valuable education and career pathing guidance, including a Career Self-Assessment tool, pointers on selecting a full-time or part-time MBA, as well as alternatives to the MBA which are often overlooked that can give your career a quick and big boost!


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