by: Nevin, David
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description A fictional account of the War of 1812 follows the lives of James Madison and his wife, Andrew Jackson and his wife, a young soldier named Winfield Scott, and a journalist named Sally Quirk as they live through the war. 150,000 first printing. From Publishers Weekly Ten bestselling authors have contributed blurbs to Nevin's second novel (after the bestselling Dream West, 1983)?among them fellow historical novelists Gary Jennings, James Michener and John Jakes. Nevin incorporates traits of all three in his re-creation of the War of 1812: Jennings's intense detailing, Michener's sweep and Jakes's passion for America all surface here at times, though what results is less a glorious work of historical art than an insistently intriguing animated tableau. The narrative can be terribly talky, especially in the beginning. An early scene in the White House featuring President James Madison and a visiting General Andrew Jackson, who wants to take Canada by force from Britain, crams enough political, military and cultural information into dialogue between the two to fill a history lesson?no surprise, since Nevin writes history books for the Time-Life series. Yet, in this very scene, Jackson and Madison, modeled with care, come to some sort of virtual life. As war begins between Britain and the U.S., culminating in the writing of the "Star Spangled Banner" and the burning of Washington, D.C., Nevin, helping himself with particularly vigorous battle scenes, conveys a kind of grandeur. This is, in essence, a patriotic pageant, but it's one crammed with color and captivating characters, and a good bet to follow in Dream West's footsteps as a TV miniseries. $150,000 ad/ promo; author tour. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Library Journal This sprawling historical novel, with colorful characters ranging from Andrew Jackson to Winfield Scott, will certainly have some guaranteed appeal. Nevin's (Dream West, 1983) ability to sum up historical events in readable prose serves to bring to life a somewhat obscure corner of U.S. history, the War of 1812. Especially well executed are the battle scenes, which are narrated from the field and manage to retain a clear picture of the overall events. Nicely drawn maps of battles and troop movements lend an added air of authority and clarity to the proceedings. Some of Nevin's attempts to make full-blooded human beings of his characters?from Dolley and James Madison to Andrew and Rachel Jackson?by giving them a love life are less than effective. Still, this is recommended wherever there is interest in historical fiction. -?David Glenn Dodd, Univ. of Colorado at Colorado Springs Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Booklist Nevin's latest historical novel of early America, 1812, exhibits the best characteristics of the genre: it informs without oversimplifying the subject. Entertaining and very illuminating, Nevin subtly brings to life the War of 1812 and the most prominent personalities of the era: James and Dolley Madison, Winfield Scott, Sally McQuirk, Aaron Burr, Daniel Webster, and many more. Nevin provides an intricate account of Anglo-American relations at the time, with extensive details about trade, geography, and military matters. Military history is his forte; Nevin saves his most colorful writing for American skirmishes with the British. Nevin's previous novel, Dream West, became a prime-time miniseries, and in many ways 1812 seems to have been written with the small screen in mind. Nevin pulls no punches when it comes to personal intrigue and sex. There is plenty of salty talk between characters, and at times the dialogue smacks more of Jackie Collins than of Jane Austen. It doesn't detract from the book as a whole; 1812 is a substantive work. Ted Leventhal From Kirkus Reviews A star-spangled banner of a follow-up to the historian- author's Dream West (1984) brings to vivid life a turning-point in American history. In a reson


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Publication Date: 1996-07-01
Number of Pages: 445 pages
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Edition: 1st
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