21st Century U.S. Army Field Manuals: Infantry Division Operations, FM 71-100-2 (CD-ROM)


by: U.S. Army
Format: CD-ROM

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This unique electronic book on CD-ROM has a complete reproduction of the U.S. Army Field Manual, Infantry Division Operations, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, FM 71-100-2, 520 pages. In addition, as a bonus, there are reproductions of over 50 vital U.S. Army Field Manuals! Field manual (FM) 71-100-2 is a how to guide for the employment of US light, airborne, and air assault infantry divisions in combat. It describes tactics and techniques for the conduct of combat operations and the integration and coordination of combat, combat support (CS), and combat service support (CSS) functions. It supports the doctrinal concepts and principles of FM 71-100. The tactics and techniques in this manual are illustrative in nature and a guide only. This manual has been written for the division commander and his staff, major subordinate units of the division and corps, and students at service and staff colleges. Other service and allied commanders and staffs may also find FM 71-100-2 useful in understanding how the infantry division plans and executes operations. Since the publication of the 1986 version of FM 100-5, the world and our Army have undergone significant changes. Our country has been involved in three key victories Panama, the Gulf War, and the Cold War. Concurrently, the Army has undergone a force structure change, reducing the size of the Army and the number of forward deployed units geared to counter a Warsaw Pact invasion. These external and internal changes have caused us to modify how we as an Army think and conduct warfare. The 1993 version of FM 100-5 reflects these changes. Military doctrine presents fundamental principles that guide the employment of forces. Doctrine is authoritative, but not directive; descriptive, not prescriptive. It provides the distilled insights and wisdom gained from the Army s collective experience with warfare. However, doctrine cannot replace clear thinking or alter a commander s obligation to determine the proper course of acti


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