21st Century U.S. Army Field Manuals: Recoilless Rifle M67, FM 23-11 (Ringbound)


by: U.S. Army
Format: Ring-bound

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This ringbound book provides a reproduction of the U.S. Army Field Manual, Recoilless Rifle M67, FM 23-11. This manual provides information for training personnel to operate the 90mm recoilless rifle, M67. It includes mechanical training, fire control instruments, spare parts and equipment, maintenance, ammunition and fuses, crew drill, marksmanship, technique of fire, and advice to instructors concerning the weapon. The material presented herein is applicable to nuclear and nonnuclear warfare. The 90mm recoilless rifle, M67, is a lightweight, portable, crew-served weapon intended primarily as an antitank weapon. It can be employed in an antipersonnel role too. It is designed to be fired primarily from the ground using the bipod and monopod, but it may be fired from the shoulder. It is an air-cooled, breech-loaded, single-shot rifle that fires fixed ammunition. The rifle is equipped with a manually operated breech mechanism and a percussion-type firing mechanism. It is designed for direct firing only, and sighting equipment for this purpose is furnished with each weapon). In order to keep the M67 operating effectively, all crew members must know the following: Disassembly and assembly of the weapon to the extent authorized. Common causes of stoppages. Immediate actions to clear the weapon. Maintenance procedures. Direct Fire Sight Telescope, M103 - the 90mm rifle is equipped with the M103 sight for direct- fire. There is no provision for an indirect fire sight since this weapon is not designed for an indirect fire role. The M103 telescope has a fixed-focus, 3-power magnification, and a field of view of 10°. The reticle is an optical glass disc with an 0.749-inch aperture etched with a metric scale. It is graduated at 50-meter intervals at ranges up to 800 meters, and numbered every 100 meters up to 800 meters. Lead lines are provided at 50-meter intervals up to 400 meters and at 100-meter intervals between 400 and 800 meters. The top vertical line is extended throug


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