365 Goddess: A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess


by: Telesco, Patricia
Format: Paperback

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Product Description Goddess wisdom for every day of the year Bring life-affirming magic and empowerment into every day of your life with this unique and useful guide to the goddess. Through the ages, people have celebrated the role of goddesses in maintaining the fl From the Back Cover SPIRITUALITY New in our popular 365 series: a goddess a day for reflection and inspiration, blessing and enhancing each day of the year with life-affirming magic and ritual. The wisdom of hundreds of goddesses from all around the world, symbolizing love, fertility, healing, peace, and more, are revealed and honored in the pages of 365 Goddess, a daily guide to drawing on the ancient feminine aspects of the divine for inspiration, empowerment, and spiritual sustenance. A compact and irresistible volume, it is the ideal gift for goddess fans and anyone looking for new ways to celebrate each day. *In the page-a-day format, each calendar day is dedicated to one goddess and her seasonal theme. *Lively text highlights each goddess's symbols, history, and special qualities. *A simple activity--such as ritual, prayer, or meditation--is suggested to draw on the goddess's power in matters of love, finance, health, creativity, and more. About the Author Patricia Telesco is a practicing herbalist, metaphysical lecturer, and author of Goddess in My Pocket, 365 Goddess, and other books on dreams, divination, magick, and Wicca. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. January 1 New Year's Day (Europe/United States) Gamelia Themes: Luck; Health; Prosperity; New Beginnings Symbols: Two-sided Items, Representing the Old and New (like coins and hourglasses) About Gamelia: Gamelia is a lucky aspect of the Greek goddess Hera, who brings good fortune (especially in love). On this day of new beginnings, Gamelia extends a helping hand by teaching about the cycles in your life and how to cope with them more effectively, adding a little luck to make things easier. In ancient times, people would wash Gamelia's statues on this day, symbolically wiping winter away. They would also hang bay, palm, dates, and figs around the house to inspire a year filled with Gamelia's blessings. To Do Today: Remember Gamelia today to manifest her luck and joy in your life. Eat dates or figs (raisins are a handy substitute), leaving a little outside as an offering to her. To encourage a fresh start, consider turning over an hourglass (or egg timer) as midnight tolls. As you turn the hourglass, recite this incantation: The sands of time turn again; with them new life begins.The old now departs; Gamelia, refresh my heart. For prosperity in the new year, carry any silver-colored coin in your pocket the entire day, then use it to make a wish at any nearby fountain or water source. To foster Gamelia's help with the wish, burn a little myrrh incense.


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