A 21st Century Ethical Toolbox


by: Weston, Anthony
Format: Paperback

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Product Description Thoroughly optimistic, A 21st Century Ethical Toolbox, Fourth Edition, invites students to approach ethical issues with a reconstructive intent--to make room for more and better options than the rigid "pro" and "con" positions that have developed around tough problems like abortion and our obligations to future generations and the Earth. Employing an accessible, consistently engaging writing style, Anthony Weston covers the skills that are vital to making real progress in ethics, including critical thinking, creative problem-solving, moral vision, and genuine dialogue. Provocative selections from a wide range of philosophers, essayists, activists, and students are interwoven with Weston's own discussions. The text is enhanced by extensive "Exercises and Notes" sections at the end of each chapter and new and expanded "Going Farther" sections between many chapters. Join instructors and students around the country who are using the experiential and applied activities inspired by this "toolbox" of skills to design interactive and collaborative ethics courses. Review "Weston's A 21st Century Ethical Toolbox is one of a kind: it radically approaches ethics and critical thinking from the perspective of everyday experience, value, and problem solving. It provides a diverse array of selections from within and without the traditional philosophical canon."--Albert R. Spencer, Portland State University "Weston stands above the competition because of his emphasis on developing practical skills for navigating a complex, interrelated world. He includes a wide range of ethical approaches--from Kant to the Lakota to Confucius--and provides the best range of exercises and pedagogical devices that I have seen."--Tayo Basquiat, Bismarck State College "I believe that A 21st Century Ethical Toolbox is far and away the most significant primary ethics textbook that I can select for the lives of the students who enroll in my course."--James H. VanderMey, Mid Michigan Community College " A 21st Century Ethical Toolbox is superbly written, passionate, and poignant, and savvy about contemporary values."--Frank Ryan, Kent State University "This is a comprehensive, wide-ranging, and erudite book that students will find accessible, interesting, and intellectually challenging. It covers all the topics and thinkers that need to be there (Kant, Utilitarianism, etc.) and some that are less standard but that enrich the ways our students can think about ethics."--Anna Peterson, University of Florida About the Author Anthony Weston is Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Elon University. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including Mobilizing the Green Imagination (2012) and A Practical Companion to Ethics, Fourth Edition (OUP, 2010).


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