A Birthday Cake Is No Ordinary Cake


by: Frasier, Debra
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description Welcome aboard our spinning Earth as it travels on its immense journey around the Sun. Bring a bowl--and come along! Help collect the ingredients for a cake as big as a year, and see how every circle around the Sun . . . equals one. One what? One birthday cake!     For fifteen years, On the Day You Were Born has been the classic book to welcome new babies into the world. Now, this jubilant companion celebrates every year thereafter in the life of a child--and of our great green planet Earth.      Includes delicious cake and frosting recipes, explanations of how the years are marked in nature, and a section called "How many days to your birthday?" so kids can actually find their own special day.   From Publishers Weekly Readers who think they're in for a celebration of smeared frosting and blowing out the candles may be surprised to find instead Fraser's ( On the Day You Were Born) New Age musings on what a birthday cake means. "So hold on, bakers!," exhorts Fraser, as she proceeds, in full gym-instructor mode, to show the earth orbiting around a massive sun, rendered in a confetti-like spray of triangles and circles. "We're riding the Earth in a great spinning circle around the Sun, from your birthday to your next birthday.... You will need exactly 364 more sunrises, all clouds included." Metaphorically speaking, that means gathering up a year's worth of seasonally themed ingredients (e.g., "the sound of a returning red robin, singing. Simply open the window. Your bowl will catch it"). The cut-paper collages depict a toque-wearing, angelic-looking chef combining the fanciful ingredients with a wave of a wooden spoon; every few pages, Fraser returns readers to the perspective of an orbiting earth to underscore her theme. While her deep thoughts may not appeal to all readers, Fraser deserves plaudits for prompting youngsters to think of their birthday as more than an opportunity for presents. Recipes for a basic yellow cake plus vanilla and chocolate frostings round out this upbeat lesson. All ages. (Sept.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. From School Library Journal Grade 1-3–A baker invites readers to savor a year by starting at any chosen date and assembling a fanciful (or real) birthday cake to celebrate the Earth's journey and their own. The recipes begin by having children collect the first sunrise after their birthdays and gather a host of nature's ingredients such as the sounds of a returning red robin, 12 full silver moons, a south-flying bird's shadow, and the sound of snowflakes falling. After collecting 364 more sunrises, the baker adds traditional cake ingredients. Pop-off-the-page, vibrant-colored cut-paper collage illustrations capture the fanciful and factual concepts. The back matter includes recipes for both cakes and frosting. The last page gives information about Counting Circles, and Frasier suggests that counting the rings of a tree's cross section is like counting birthday candles on a cake. This unique book blends a melodic, metaphorical look of nature with scientific topics. It is perfect for one-on-one sharing and is sure to prompt discussion. Frasier's many fans will appreciate this thoughtful offering. –Helen Foster James, University of California at San Diego Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. About the Author DEBRA FRASIER is the creator of Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster and its companion, The Incredible Water Show, as well as Out of the Ocean and the bestselling classic On the Day You Were Born. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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