A Box of Butterflies


by: Rooks, Jo
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description "I love that story," said Ruby. "Did you love it too?" "Robot is just a machine. Robot cannot feel love." Robot paused for a moment and said, " What does love feel like?" When Ruby asks Robot if he loved the story as much as she did, he tells her that he doesn’t know what love is. If it’s not something he can see, then what could it be? Ruby describes emotions to her Robot. She teaches him what each feels like (“love feels like a box of butterflies!”) and when she feels them (“I sometimes feel that way when I’m told no more TV!”).  With colorful metaphors and vibrant imagery, A Box of Butterflies takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and emotional reflection, identifying not just love, but jealousy, anger, worry, and a host of other emotions. Included is a Note to Parents and Caregivers by Elizabeth McCallum, PhD, that further explores the importance of learning about emotions. Review A 2019 Teacher’s Choice Award Winner for Children’s Books “Thoughtful, charming, entertaining, unique, and thoroughly ‘kid friendly’” — Midwest Book Review "A really beautiful little book that balances language packed with imagery and detail alongside relatable examples that make this exploration of emotion accessible to all. We really enjoyed the similes and the way the emotion words were written in different fonts. The illustrations worked really well with the text to showcase clearly what each emotion looked and felt like." — Father Reading Every Day "This is a really great book that teaches children about emotions and feelings. I think children's books that teach this is so important, so children understand why they're feeling the way they do. One of my favorite parts is that she says that the bad feelings won't last. That it's fleeting. This book goes through emotions like love, jealousy, anger, and worry.  A Box of Butterflies has amazing artwork, beautiful colors, and an absolutely amazing message." — Jenn Renee Read & Ash Too! "I love the simple but powerful message of this book. It is easily understood by children who can relate to those feelings. The illustrations greatly enrich the story.  Both Ruby and Robot are such adorable characters and the dialogue between the two is both heartwarming and educational.  The author has included a note to parents and caregivers about emotional skills and the book easily opens up avenues for wonderful conversations about recognizing and discussing those emotions.  I highly recommend this book." — Storywraps "We found the illustrations extremely bright, adorable, colorful, and eye-catching. This is just a lovely book that would be perfect for schools, homes, and libraries. People of all ages can benefit from reading this book. I would’ve especially loved this book when I was a kid, just like my young ones love it today, and I’m happy to have read it."  —ReadRantRock&Roll "I  can’t exactly be impartial when it comes to a book about a robot learning to understand humans’ emotions, because obviously that is PERFECT for me. I couldn’t love the premise more. All the same, this book makes a strong case for itself even without my enthusiastic endorsement." — Mia Learning


Product Code: 9781433828713
ISBN: 1433828715
Publisher: Magination Press
Publication Date: 2018-04-30
Number of Pages: 32 pages
Languages: english
Edition: Illustrated
Dimension: 8.19 x 0.39 x 10.2 inches
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