A Boy Named Shel: The Life and Times of Shel Silverstein


by: Rogak, Lisa
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description Few authors are as beloved as Shel Silverstein. His inimitable drawings and comic poems have become the bedtime staples of millions of children and their parents, but few readers know much about the man behind that wild-eyed, bearded face peering out from the backs of dust jackets. In A Boy Named Shel, Lisa Rogak tells the full story of a life as antic and adventurous as any of his creations. A man with an incurable case of wanderlust, Shel kept homes on both coasts and many places in between---and enjoyed regular stays in the Playboy Mansion. Everywhere he went he charmed neighbors, made countless friends, and romanced almost as many women with his unstoppable energy and never-ending wit. His boundless creativity brought him fame and fortune---neither of which changed his down-to-earth way of life---and his children’s books sold millions of copies. But he was much more than “just” a children’s writer. He collaborated with anyone who crossed his path, and found success in a wider range of genres than most artists could ever hope to master. He penned hit songs like “A Boy Named Sue” and “The Unicorn.” He drew cartoons for Stars & Stripes and got his big break with Playboy. He wrote experimental plays and collaborated on scripts with David Mamet. With a seemingly unending stream of fresh ideas, he worked compulsively and enthusiastically on a wide array of projects up until his death, in 1999.             Drawing on wide-ranging interviews and in-depth research, Rogak gives fans a warm, enlightening portrait of an artist whose imaginative spirit created the poems, songs, and drawings that have touched the lives of so many children---and adults. Review Advance Praise for A Boy Named Shel “I didn’t think any biography could do justice to one of the few honest-to-goodness geniuses of our time, a walking paradox who wore a cloak of complexity and elusiveness, but Lisa Rogak has done an exemplary job of it.”---Otto Penzler, The Mysterious Bookshop “Shel Silverstein...was a genius in a dozen genres, the last of the real Renaissance men. He loved life and lived it more intensely than most of us dare to dream. There’s a surprise on every page as Lisa Rogak tells the whole untold story of this truly fabulous character.”---Dr. Demento, syndicated radio personality About the Author Lisa Rogak is the author of more than forty books. Her most recent biography was The Man Behind the Da Vinci Code: An Unauthorized Biography of Dan Brown. She lives in New Hampshire. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Chapter 1   When he was five years old, Shel Silverstein taught himself to draw by tracing over the comic strips in the newspaper. His favorite was Li’l Abner by Al Capp. He placed a sheet of paper over the strip and traced over the faces, the hands, the buildings, the scenery, everything. “The first thing I did was copy Al Capp,” he said. “He really influenced me. It was the most wondrous thing for me. Al Capp knew how to draw people, shapes, bodies, hands. He knew how to draw well, so I learned how to draw well.” He also began to think up stories to go with the cartoons. “I didn’t have a lot of friends,” said Shel. “I just walked around a lot and made up stories in my head. Then I’d go home and write them down. That’s how I got started.” Shel also loved books. Because he was lonely, he turned to books for companionship. “One of the things that made me happy was to go to old bookstores and look through the books,” he said. “I would hold them, smell them, and even hug them. They were my friends.” But he didn’t have the money to buy the books he wanted. So he vowed that when he got older and had money, he’d spend it on books. He dreamed of a day when he would have so many books on his shelves that he couldn’t read all of them in a year if that was the only thing he did. Drawing cartoons and reading books gave him something nothing else could: They gave him comfort.


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