A Brief Introduction to the New Testament


by: Ehrman, Bart D.
Format: Paperback

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Product Description A Brief Introduction to the New Testament is a concise and more pedagogical version of Bart D. Ehrman's best-selling The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings, 3/e. Retaining the approach of the longer textbook while condensing and simplifying much of its material, this volume looks at the New Testament from a consistently historical and comparative perspective and emphasizes the rich diversity of the earliest Christian literature. Rather than shying away from the critical problems presented by these books, Ehrman addresses the historical and literary challenges they pose. He shows why scholars continue to argue over such significant issues as how the books of the New Testament came into being, what they mean, and how they relate to contemporary Christian and non-Christian literature. Distinctive to this study is its emphasis on the historical, literary, and religious milieu of the Greco-Roman world, including early Judaism. Features: * Covers the fundamentals of New Testament scholarship in an engaging style, making challenging material easily understandable to undergraduates in introductory courses * Retains the numerous pedagogical devices from the longer textbook: "What to Expect" and "At a Glance" boxes introduce and provide summaries of the material covered in each chapter "Something to Think About" and "Some More Information" boxes offer thought-provoking asides * Adds new study aids: Key Terms (each appearing in boldface the first time it is used), Questions for Study and Reflection, and a greatly expanded Glossary * Offers streamlined coverage--this volume is nine chapters shorter than The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the New Testament, 3/e * Includes a full-color eight-page insert on archaeology * A Student Website contains chapter summaries, guides for reading, and self-quizzes An Instructor's Manual provides chapter summaries, student reading guides, pedagogical suggestions, and exam questions and answers Ideal for undergraduate and seminary classes in the New Testament, Biblical Studies, and Christian Origins, A Brief Introduction to the New Testament is an accessible, clearly written introduction that encourages students to consider the historical issues surrounding these writings. Review "Ehrman has contributed a thorough, complete, and carefully devised introduction to the field of study . . . an accurate, yet nuanced, synthesis of the central issues in New Testament studies. The defining characteristic of A Brief Introduction is the degree of energy and imagination it invests in pedagogical sophistication. Perhaps no critical and historical introduction to the New Testament has ever been more "student friendly." Besides its wholesale investment in pedagogical sophistication, perhaps the greatest strength of the "Ehrman" method of New Testament introduction as a whole is its ability to introduce nascent Christianity in terms of where it had come from in its origins while also pointing toward what it would become in later centuries." -- C.D. Elledge, Gustavus Adolphus College, for Review of Biblical Literature "An articulate and penetrating view into the background and texts of the New Testament."--Marianne Ferguson, Buffalo State College About the Author Bart D. Ehrman is at University of North Carolina.


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