A Complexity Theory for Public Policy (Routledge Research in Public Administration and Public Policy)


by: Morçöl, Göktu?
Format: Hardcover

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Product description Complexity theory has become popular in the natural and social sciences over the last few decades as a result of the advancements in our understanding of the complexities in natural and social phenomena. Concepts and methods of complexity theory have been applied by scholars of public affairs in North America and Europe, but a comprehensive framework for these applications is lacking. A Complexity Theory for Public Policy proposes a conceptual synthesis and sets a foundation for future developments and applications. In this book, Göktu? Morçöl convincingly makes the case that complexity theory can help us understand better the self-organizational, emergent, and co-evolutionary characteristics of complex policy systems. In doing so, he discuss the epistemological implications of complexity theory and the methods complexity researchers use, and those methods they could use. As the complexity studies spread more around the world in the coming decades, the contents of this book will become appealing to larger audiences, particularly to scholars and graduate students in public affairs. The unique combination of synthesis and explanation of concepts and methods found in this book will serve as reference frames for future works. Review "Morcol’s book is the primary resource for understanding how the complexity sciences inform the study of public policy. This book is essential reading for both experienced scholars and for those new to this important lens on the world of public policy." ?L. Douglas Kiel, University of Texas at Dallas "Complexity Theory for Public Policy is a must read for those exploring how complexity thinking enhances our understanding of public policy and administration. For those who are seeking new ways to interpret complicated issues, this work will contribute to how we begin to enhance our understanding. The value of this book, as with other works by Goktug Morcol, is that the reader is provided with necessary explanatory and foundational features of complexity thinking. Because of this approach, the book offers a learning opportunity along with an exploration and explication. This approach should make it attractive to both researchers and students exploring this subject. The book can also be a foundation for others to draw upon as they examine how complexity can be applied to public policy. This is no easy chore, and Goktug Morcol has the best approach in the field to this point." ?Jack Meek, University of La Verne About the Author Göktu? Morçöl is an Associate Professor of Public Administration and Policy in the School of Public Affairs at The Pennsylvania State University in Harrisburg. His research interests are complexity theory, metropolitan governance, business improvement districts, and research methodology. He teaches courses in research methods, program evaluation, and policy analysis.


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