A Contented House with Twins


by: Beer, Alice
Format: Paperback

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Product Description A Contented House with Twins unites the UK's leading baby expert, Gina Ford, and the highly regarded television presenter Alice Beer, a mother of twin girls. Discovering you are pregnant with twins is both an exciting and a thoroughly terrifying prospect. Within weeks of the arrival of her beautiful daughters, Alice found that she was "screaming out for a routine" and craving the knowledge of mothers who had been through it with two. This book is the result of those cries. Alice's front-line experience of coping with twins is combined with Gina's highly successful parenting advice and, for the first time, her groundbreaking routines, specially adapted for twins. Together, they tackle the practical and emotional aspects of parenting two babies, including what you can expect in a multiple pregnancy; how to feed two at once; what to do when they each want a different story or both want a hug; and how to cope with everyday practicalities: shopping, bath time, and much more. Alice's humorous insights and Gina's essential advice, tips, support, and successful routines will guarantee that parents enjoy their twins and get their lives back. Review "The combination of Ford's 20-plus years of experience and Beer's hands-on knowledge make this a helpful companion for parents of twins. Advice on the needs of each baby, as well as establishing feeding and sleeping routines make this book user-friendly, informative and reassuring." — Pregnancy, Baby & You "Entertainingly written and with common sense from both parent and guru, A Contented House with Twins is a must read for anyone expecting twins. Whether you intend to follow the routines to the letter or not, the book is packed with advice, humour and first-hand insight." —eparenting.co.uk About the Author Gina Ford is Britain's bestselling childcare author whose titles include The Contented Little Baby! She has more than 30 years hands-on experience as a maternity nurse and has published more than 20 parenting books. Alice Beer has presented, produced, and directed for the BBC since joining in 1987, working on series such as Watchdog, Healthcheck, and Holiday.


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Publication Date: 2006-09-28
Number of Pages: 240 pages
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