A Documentary History of the Book of Mormon


by: Morris, Larry E.
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description The story of the creation of the Book of Mormon has been told many times, and often ridiculed. A Documentary History of the Book of Mormon presents and examines the primary sources surrounding the origin of the foundational text of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the most successful new religion of modern times. The scores of documents transcribed and annotated in this book include family histories, journal entries, letters, affidavits, reminiscences, interviews, newspaper articles, and book extracts, as well as revelations dictated in the name of God. From these texts emerges the captivating story of what happened (and what was believed or rumored to have happened) between September 1823-when the seventeen-year-old farm boy Joseph Smith announced that an angel of God had directed him to an ancient book inscribed on gold plates-and March 1830, when the Book of Mormon was first published. By compiling for the first time a substantial collection of both first- and secondhand accounts relevant to the inception of the divine revelation-or clever fraud-that launched a new world religion, A Documentary History makes a significant contribution to the rapidly growing field of Mormon Studies. Review "Morris offers a concise volume to start considering the genesis of the Book of Mormon ... This collection is certainly useful in its collation of relevant sources surrounding the origin of the Book of Mormon in a single volume and allowing the reader to analyze for herself" -- Janiece Johnson, Mormon Studies Review "Thus, this compilation, apart from its merits for printing some handwritten sources for the first time, can be seen as an indispensable tool for scholars and teachers working on the Book of Mormon, as it brings together essential texts on the topic published in various places, assiduously annotated with the purpose of giving first hand aid for further research. This volume is likely to set a new standard for studying all questions related to the history of the Book of Mormon." -- Hans Gerald Hödl, University of Vienna, Religious Studies Review "This book is important not just because it's a one-volume collection of documents pertaining to the Book of Mormon, but also because it points out the strengths and weaknesses of published interpretations of the documents. Morris writes with an engaging style that makes it a pleasure to read. And he has selected a very interesting collection of documents. Anyone wanting to learn more about the history of the Book of Mormon should definitely consider this book." -- FairMormon "No other source contains in one volume such a comprehensive view of all the relevant documents to the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Larry E. Morris has provided an invaluable resource for researchers and interested parties." -- Cheryl L. Bruno, Association for Mormon Letters "Larry Morris brings together for the first time in one volume the essential documents for understanding the Book of Mormon's origins. With abundant documentation and insightful commentary, Morris chronicles each scene of the book's historyfrom Moroni's first visit through the book's 1830 publication, allowing the historical players to speak for themselves. While giving priority to sources closest in time and place to the events described, Morris brings together the voices of true believers and avowed skeptics, immersing readers in the drama and controversy of what is likely the most important literary work in American history. Scholars and laypersons alike will find the volume indispensable." --Boyd Petersen, Program Coordinator for Mormon Studies, Utah Valley University "Larry Morris's book is the essential bedrock upon which future studies of the Book of Mormon will be based. Whether mined for understanding the believer's viewpoint or its reception among the wider population, these are documents that matter. Morris has collected the essentials for both novice and specialist alike. The


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