A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil


by: van Perlo, Ber
Format: Paperback

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Product Description Brazil's bird diversity is one of the richest in the world. And yet there has never been a comprehensive field guide to this splendid and elusive avifauna. Until now. The carefully vetted text and images are the first to cover the full range of bird life in this vast and varied country. The more than 1800 up-to-date accounts treat the Yellow-nosed Albatross to the Sombre Hummingbird, the Ash-throated Gnat-eater to the Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Nighthawks and Jacamars to Motmots, Puffbirds, and Peppershrikes. They are all here--every species and many subspecies found in each region of Brazil--with special attention given to the 218 Brazilian endemics. The book is laid out so that the illustrations sit across from the commentary and the distribution maps, so it is easy to use. Also, the author uses short-hand notation throughout, to make the book compact and easy to carry when in the field. For each bird, the scientific, English, and Portuguese name are given as well as detailed information on measurement; identifying features; habitat; voice, song, and call. Distribution maps show the range for each species, also indicating seasonality and occurrence, essential for finding and identifying specific birds. From the equatorial North to the tropics, the introductory paragraphs set the stage in describing Brazil's varied biogeography, climate, geomorphology, and natural vegetation. A list of protected areas of Brazil, information on relevant national and international organizations, a bibliography and further references, and an English-Portuguese dictionary of frequently used terms enhance the user-friendly qualities. Anyone wishing to fully explore the fabulously varied bird life of Brazil will find this light-weight, easy-to-use, attractive guide an invaluable field companion. Review "Van Perlo's book can be considered the best bird field guide produced so far for Brazil due to a combination of its light weight and small size, thorough coverage of species, and generally good quality and useful plates, text, and range maps."-- The Quarterly Review of Biology "This latest publication of a field guide to Brazilian birds moves the bar a couple of notches above the several existing recent attempts, all of which have been published in Brazil. It is certainly the single most useful book for field identification of Brazil's enormous and complex birdlife currently available. If you live in or soon plan to go birding in Brazil, buy this book and make the best of it; it will help you immensely!"-- AUK "Any birdwatcher planning a trip to Brazil needs A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil. It is the first modern, in-depth guide to Brazil's birds and offers information on size, call and identifying features for nearly 2,000 birds. Clear color drawings pack a portable dictionary including an English-Portuguese dictionary especially for birders and some 1,700 species-distribution maps. Simply invaluable."-- Midwest Book Review "Would I suggest to a traveling birder to buy one? Absolutely."-- Indiana Audubon Quarterly "This is now the essential field guide companion that one would need when visiting Brazil."--Idaho Birding Blog "Highly recommended. The book will be useful to professional and amateur ornithologists, both in Brazil and bordering countries."-- Choice About the Author Ber van Perlo is the author and illustrator of numerous popular field guides including Birds of Eastern Africa, Birds of Southern Africa, Birds of Western and Central Africa, and Birds of Mexico and Central America. Until 1991 he worked as a geographer and physical planner for the Dutch National Forest Service.


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Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 2009-10-09
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