A Fierce Love: One Woman’s Courageous Journey to Save Her Marriage


by: Shanks, Shauna
Format: Paperback

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Product Description Love is easy to give when you are getting it back. Are we still called to God’s plan of how to love when we are getting none in return? Shauna Shanks’s brave journey through obedience reveals the outcome of when we dare to follow God’s ludicrous outline for love as described in 1 Corinthians 13. Wrecked with news of her husband’s affair and his request for a divorce, Shauna finds herself urgently faced with a decision. Does she give up and divorce her husband and move on, or does she try to fight for her marriage? The former choice seems to contradict God’s plan for how to love, such as “love never gives up,” “love is patient,” and “love is kind.” Taking God at His word and assuming the love chapter was really meant to be followed literally word by word, she not only finds herself falling in love with her spouse again, but also falling in love with Jesus, which changes everything. First Corinthians 13 presents an audacious, illogical, and irrational context of how to love, meant to be applied to every marital context not just the fairytale marriage. If God’s instructions seem illogical and audacious, you might just expect the same kind of results in return! This book is not air-brushed. It was written in the midst of the author’s deepest trauma, and she purposefully did not edit out her mistakes and failures during that season. This book will resonate with women who do not feel like the picture-perfect Christian woman with the fairytale life and marriage. A Fierce Love is the story of a train wreck and reaching out to God not in the calm but in the chaos and finding hope for the future. Review Shauna’s courageous fight for God’s will to prevail in her marriage is beautiful beyond words. A Fierce Love is an amazing reminder that, with his strength, we can still choose to show love . . . even with a broken heart. -- Lysa TerKeur st, New York Times bestselling author; When author Shauna Shanks got the worst news a wife could get---that her husband wanted a divorce---she pleaded with God, “Please just give me one thing I can focus on! Just one word.” He gave her two: Endure. Hope. I urge you to read this remarkable story of one wife who decided to lean completely on the Lord and to not give up, but to fight for her marriage. You will not be disappointed. -- Chris tine Caine, founder, A 21 and Propel Women This is so much more than the story of a faithful wife wooing her way-ward husband back to their marriage. It is the story of a faithful God wooing his wayward people back to his side. If you’ve ever wandered or been wounded by someone who has, you will find great comfort and encouragement in all the words Shauna shares. No matter what the imposing mountain in front of you looks like---marriage, money, sickness, or shame---you will learn from her example how God reveals himself through life’s impossible situations. -- Amy Lively, author, How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird Shauna Shanks takes us on a journey of what it’s like to be faced with an impossible situation, and to either do what makes sense in the eyes of the world and those around us, or have the audacious faith that God calls on us to have. A Fierce Love is a must read for everyone who has ever had their faith put to the test in a big way. -- Chad Veach, lead pastor, Zoe Church in Los Angeles, California Wow. Sometimes relationship miracles are the most amazing miracles of all. This is one of those miracle stories we need to know about. At its core, this is a story about a person’s relationship with God as it is tested and navigated through one of the most severe crucibles of life. There were times in Shauna’s story where I could hardly believe she was getting skewered and crushed by these emotional attacks again and again. And yet in the midst of those situations, she shares her vivid examples of God opening her eyes and directing her to dig in and use the principles of the Word of God and overcome by faith, even when it seems


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