A Gertrude Stein Companion: content with the example


by: Bruce Kellner
Format: Hardcover

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Kellner offers a group of essays on Stein by some recent authorities, such as Marianne DeKoven, Ulla Dydo, Majorie Perloff. A section of writings about Stein includes poems by Mina Loy, Vassar Miller, and others. The most valuable section is the 156-page biographical dictionary, a bio-sketch listing most, if not all, of the people mentioned in Stein's writings, including published letters; it is a godsend to initiates needing landmarks and to aficionados wanting quick review for accuracy of reference. A collection, `Gertrude Stein's ABC,' forms a handy encapsulated survey of her pronouncements from a wide range of her writings. . . . No book on the market is even remotely like it. It stands alone in its simplicity, range, and helpfulness. Choice

Gertrude Stein's rejection of literary conventions and formal genre poses formidable challenges for even the most committed of readers. Although some two dozen full-length critical studies have been published in the forty years since her death, much of her work remains impenetrable to the reading public as well as to many scholars. With this comprehensive literary guide, Kellner brings together a wide variety of source materials and selected original essays to assist students, researchers, and other readers in interpreting and appreciating the career and writings of this important twentieth-century literary figure.

In his introduction, Kellner provides an overview of Stein's work and some illuminating insights concerning her methods and themes. The first part of the book is a descriptive alphabetical catalog of Stein's published writings. Part II begins with essays by several Stein scholars, who examine the writer's place in literary tradition, her process of composition, and the various styles she employed. This section concludes with a selection of poems inspired by the writer's work. Part III is a biographical dictionary of Stein's friends, enemies, and other associates. Part IV, entitled Gert


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