A Guide to Transfer Factors and Immune System Health: 2nd edition, Helping the body heal itself by strengthening cell-mediated immunity


by: White PhD, Aaron
Format: Paperback

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Product Description In the second edition of this popular book, Dr. White takes readers on a tour of transfer factors, small peptides found in colostrum and white blood cells that are capable of transferring cell-mediated immunity to pathogens. In language that is easy to follow, the author explores nearly 60 years of research on transfer factors, beginning with their discovery by famed immunologist, H Sherwood Lawrence, in 1949. Evidence suggests that transfer factors, which are generated by the immune system in response to infections and passed from mothers to newborns in pre-milk, carry information that can help the body fight viruses (herpes, hepatitis C, HPV, HIV), bacteria, mycobacteria (tuberculosis), cancers, and perhaps certain autoimmune diseases. Like vaccines, transfer factors could help immunize the public against pathogens before they spread. Dr. White makes a compelling case that larger scientific studies of transfer factors are needed given their potential importance to public health. This book is an enjoyable read about a fascinating topic. Whether you are a patient, doctor, health enthusiast or just a fan of good science writing, this is one to keep on your book shelf. Bound to become a classic. Review In this second edition of his book, White continues to raise awareness of the important role transfer factors play in responding to potential threats to the health of the human body. Transfer factors, found in white blood cells, carry information that helps coordinate the immune system's response to these threats. Transfer factors from one person (or animal) can be introduced into the immune system of another person, potentially transferring an improved ability to combat threats to the recipient's health. The author presents sufficient evidence that transfer factors are effective weapons against disease and should be more widely used. White encourages physicians to consult the abstracts of published studies he has included in this book. With so many medical mysteries still unsolved, it doesn't make sense to ignore treatment possibilities. A convincing plea to consider an untapped resource in the fight against disease. --Kirkus Discoveries About the Author Aaron White is a neuroscientist with an interest in how the brain and immune system interact and how to improve the health of both. He has a PhD in biological psychology from Miami University (in Ohio) and currently is an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center. He stumbled across the topic of transfer factors while reading about emerging treatments for immune disorders and diseases. Amazed by the wealth of research behind this little known but already proven means of treating and immunizing people against diseases he wrote this book about them. The book contains a summary of what we know about transfer factors and the roles they could play in 21st century medicine and public health. And the news is even better the second time around!


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