A Hunger for Healing Workbook


by: Miller, J. Keith
Format: Paperback

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Product Description A practical, exercise-filled companion to A Hunger for Healing that puts into practice the Christian principles of healing and growth For many thousands of people, the Twelve Steps have become the spiritual discipline for a new decade, a way to turn to God and begin a pilgrimage toward wholeness as well as a journey out of addiction. Relating each of the Steps to biblical teaching, J. Keith Miller takes the reader inside the Steps, actually working through each one. Each section of A Hunger for Healing Workbook begins with one of the Twelve Steps, followed by a biblical quote that touches upon the theme, a suggested reading in A Hunger for Healing, and a concise explanation of the Step and how it relates to spiritual growth. Built on solid biblical principles, the exercises and inventories provided will promote introspection, reflection, and action -- a clear pathway out of compulsion and pain into a world of serenity and healthy interaction with God and others. Step by Step, this life-transforming program helps readers to Acknowledge their need for God's healing power Surrender to God's care Let God remove character defects Reconcile themselves with God and others Use prayer to enrich the life of the spirit Heal broken lives and relationships From the Publisher Practical exercises for putting the principles of the Twelve Steps into action, for Christians working alone or in groups. About the Author J. Keith Miller, the author of A Hunger for Healing, is a popular speaker and conference leader, and author. Among his best-selling books are The Taste of New Wine and Hope in the Fast Lane. He is also the coauthor of Facing Codependence.


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Publisher: HarperOne
Publication Date: 1992-06-19
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