A Lakeside Companion


by: Rulseh, Ted J.
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description Why do fish jump? Why don't lakes freeze all the way down to the bottom? Which lake plants are invasive? What are those water bugs? Is that lake healthy? Whether you fish, paddle, swim, snowshoe, ski, or just gaze upon your favorite lake, A Lakeside Companion will deepen your appreciation for the forces that shape lakes and the teeming life in and around them. You'll discover the interconnected worlds of a lake: the water; the sand, gravel, rocks, and muck of the bottom; the surface of the lake; the air above; and the shoreline, a belt of land incredibly rich in flora and fauna. Explained, too, are the physical, biological, and chemical processes that determine how many and what kinds of fish live in the lake, which plants grow there, the color and clarity of the water, how ice forms in winter and melts in spring, and much more. Useful advice will help you look out for your lake and advocate for its protection. Review "Delivers the magic of lake living while conveying water science topics in a clear and engaging way. Whether you are on the lakeshore or far away, it will bring you back to the waters you love. A great read." ?Michael Engleson, executive director, Wisconsin Lakes "Interesting and informative. Rulseh presents the science of lakes in an enjoyable way, with real-world examples. He explains how little things that shore residents do on their property can have a large impact on the lake's ecology." ?Paul Garrison, retired limnologist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources About the Author Ted J. Rulseh writes the newspaper column "The Lake Where You Live" and is active in lake-advocacy organizations, including the Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Network. The editor and publisher of several books on the Great Lakes region, he is the author of On the Pond: Lake Michigan Reflections. He lives in the lake-rich region of northeastern Wisconsin.


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ISBN: 0299320006
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Publication Date: 2018-09-11
Number of Pages: 208 pages
Languages: english
Edition: Illustrated
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