A Leap for Legadema: The True Story of a Little Leopard in a Big World (National Geographic Kids)


by: Joubert, Beverly
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description The special bond between a mother leopard and her cub is illuminated in this heartwarming coming-of-age story set in Botswana's lush Okavango Delta. Stunning photographs from a legendary duo of National Geographic explorers are sure to captivate young readers and raise awareness about this amazing species and the threats leopards face. The little leopard Legadema has to learn to find her place in a big, big world. When the cub was born during a fantastic African storm, the sky cracked and brightened with lightning, and Legadema, which means "light from the sky," was named. She soon learns from her mother that the path to adulthood isn't always easy. She also has to learn from experience, like when she encounters a hungry pride of lions! Luckily for Legadema, her mom is one fierce protector. Amidst the vibrant, chirping grasslands, bristling with danger and predators, will little Legadema learn to hunt, hide, and thrive as she strikes out on her own? This sweet story, with its breathtaking photographs, explores the challenges and joys of family, love, and growing up, and is a perfect bedtime read-aloud tale. From School Library Journal Gr 1–4—Legadema is a young leopard who must learn to survive in the Okavango Delta, in Botswana, Africa. Award-winning filmmakers, photographers, and authors, the Jouberts watched Legadema for four and a half years as she grew from a days-old leopard cub into a full-grown adult who must live and survive on her own. On the very first page, the authors tell readers to look for a certain unique spot right next to Legadema's nose to help distinguish her among multiple leopards. The narrative progresses through the early years of Legadema's life, with mini-stories about a close call with some lions and her love of chasing squirrels. Stunning photographs laid out over a bold color palette of oranges and greens will entertain readers and have them gushing about the beautiful big cats. At the end of the book, the authors provide kid-friendly fun facts about leopards and various resources for learning more. However, the suggested reading is mostly aimed at an older audience. VERDICT A strong addition for any children's collection, especially where Deborah Lee Rose and Susan Kelly's Jimmy the Joey: The True Story of an Amazing Koala Rescue and Lucy Cooke's A Little Book of Sloth are popular.—Kristin Unruh, Siersma Elementary School, Warren, MI Review "Stunning photographs laid out over a bold color palette of oranges and greens will entertain readers and have them gushing about the beautiful big cats... A strong addition for any children’s collection, especially where Deborah Lee Rose and Susan Kelly’s Jimmy the Joey: The True Story of an Amazing Koala Rescue and Lucy Cooke’s A Little Book of Sloth are popular." -- School Library Journal . About the Author Beverly Joubert is an award-winning filmmaker/photographer and conservationist from Botswana who has been filming, researching, and exploring in Africa for more than 25 years. Together with her husband, fellow National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dereck, she has produced many articles for National Geographic and other scientific journals, as well as more than 20 films and 10 books. They have initiated several conservation projects, including the Big Cats Initiative to save the planet's endangered big cat species. Dereck Joubert is an award-winning filmmaker/photographer and naturalist who leads a life of adventure that most people can only imagine. For more than 25 years, he and his wife, fellow National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Beverly, have made the African wilderness their home, dedicating their lives to understanding and protecting its majestic creatures. They have numerous Emmys and a Peabody for their movies. In addition to their filmmaking, Dereck has written many articles and books for National Geographic.


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Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
Publication Date: 2018-02-06
Number of Pages: 32 pages
Languages: english
Edition: Illustrated
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