A Macroeconomics Reader


by: Snowdon, Brian
Format: Paperback

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Product Description A Macroeconomics Reader brings together a collection of key readings in modern macroeconomics. Each article has been carefully chosen to provide the reader with accessible, non-technical, and reflective papers which critically assess important areas and current controversies within modern macroeconomics. The book is divided into six parts, each with a separate introduction highlighting the relevance of the ensuing articles. The areas covered include: Keynes's General Theory, Keynesian economics and the Keynesian revolution; monetarism; rational expectations and new classical macroeconomics; real business cycle approaches: New Keynesian economics: economic growth. This book will be an essential guide for students and lecturers in the field of macroeconomics as well as those interested in the history of economic thought. About the Author Brian Snowdon is Principal Lecturer in Economics at the University of Northumbria. Howard Vane is Reader in Economics at Liverpool John Moore's University. They have also written A Modern Guide to Macroeconomics (1994) together.


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Publication Date: 1997-08-28
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