A Man and His Mother: An Adopted Son's Search


by: Green, Tim
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description The story of the author's fateful rediscovery and reunion with his biological mother and the changes that this reunion engendered in both their lives offers readers a glimpse at the true meanings of home, family, self, and love. 150,000 first printing. Tour. Amazon.com Review With his usual intelligence and emotional honesty, former football star Tim Green (now a novelist and commentator on National Public Radio) tackles the subject of his search for his biological mother in A Man and His Mother. His account of their first meeting is deeply moving; a subsequent encounter with his natural father is described with respect for the older man's feelings. Most affecting of all is the loving portrait of Green's adoptive mother and father ("the only parents I ever had"), which reminds us that being a parent involves much more than genes. From Library Journal All-American. Co-valedictorian of his class. NFL first-round draft pick. Law school graduate. Best-selling author. TV commentator. Family man. Green had it all?except knowledge of his biological mother. Here he recounts his search for her. Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Kirkus Reviews Slick, self-analytical memoirs of a young man who, at considerable pain to his adoptive parents, is driven to find the mother who gave him up at birth. Although Green says that until he was 21 he never thought about his birth mother, he describes himself as a man whose rejection at birth not only shaped his unsavory relations with women but drove him to become a high achiever--class covaledictorian, first-round draft choice of the Atlanta Falcons, published author (The Dark Side of the Game, 1996, etc.), lawyer, and television sportscaster. Epiphany came when he learned that his girlfriend's mother, to whom he was especially close, had once given up a child for adoption. For the next seven years he tried to locate his own mother, and through a combination of persistence, luck, a willingness to trade on his reputation as a football star, and a readiness to ask favors, he finally succeeded. Despite his subject matter, Green's writing packs little emotional punch, and scenes that ought to pull heartstrings fall flat. While achievement and respectability are high priorities for Green, such is apparently not the case with his younger adopted brother, whose erratic job history and disturbing behavior serve as a kind of counterpoint to the author's own success. Green's story thus contains a double warning for adoptive parents: If nature wins out over nurture, you might find yourself raising a loser who will disappoint you; on the other hand, you might raise a winner whose single-minded pursuit of his roots will hurt you. Happily, Green's late grasp of what parenting is all about leads to the beginnings of a reconciliation with his adoptive parents. A book that has the elements of an engaging human drama but, clogged as it is with amateur psychologizing, fails to stir. ($50,000 ad/promo; author tour) -- Copyright ©1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. About the Author Tim Green is a former defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons, and an honors graduate of Syracuse University Law School. He is the author of two previous suspense novels, Ruffians and Titans. In addition to his writing career, he is an NFL color analyst for Fox Broadcasting, and a weekly commentator on life in the NFL for National Public Radio.


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Publisher: Harpercollins
Publication Date: 1997-10-01
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Languages: english
Edition: 1st
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