A Voyage Through the New Testament


by: Cory, Catherine A.
Format: Paperback

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Product Description Introduction to the New Testament, provides readers with the tools necessary for reading the New Testament literature. It is designed to help them develop a critical eye with concrete examples of how to use the insights of the various historical and literary critical methodologies for the analysis of a particular biblical text. The volume engages Christian churches' faith claims with historical- and literary-critical readings of the biblical texts. To broaden readers' awareness of the range of contemporary interpretations of the New Testament, this volume also provides examples of different inculturated readings of various New Testament texts. The volume examines issues of interpretation, modern methods of studying the Bible, the Old Testament, the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, the letters associated with Paul, other letters and the Book of Revelations. For those interested in a thorough reading of the New Testament. From the Back Cover “This voyage through the New Testament involves the unfolding of a human story about suffering and hope, expectation and promise, death and new life. Whether you are a religious person or not, perhaps you will find your own life story somewhere in these pages.” Catherine A. Cory, from the preface   This unique introductory text invites you to explore the New Testament for yourself. Rather than merely summarizing the New Testament, Voyage through the New Testament provides materials on the historical, religious, cultural, and literary backgrounds for understanding each book; it also investigates controversial interpretations of individual texts and then teaches you how to interpret them yourself. Upon completion of a course using this book, you will have developed the critical thinking skills and learning to do close readings of biblical texts.   Praise from the reviewers   “Of all the textbooks I have looked at over the past 16 years of teaching an introductory course on the New Testament, this is the best.” Mark G. Boyer, Southwest Missouri State University   “The additional resources in this manuscript are unmatched.  The Supplemental Readings at the end of the book as well as the timeline only enhance this textbook.  The readings engage the reader in relevant primary texts and encourage deeper levels of learning. The readings and activities at the end of the chapter are one of the greatest strengths of the manuscript.  These sections truly set this text apart, placing it on the cutting edge of post-modern pedagogy.” Paula Fontana Qualls, Gardner-Webb University  


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