AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction (Essentials)


by: Casey Benyahia, Sarah
Format: Paperback

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Product Description AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction gives students the confidence to tackle every part of the WJEC AS Level Film Studies course. The authors, who have wide ranging experience as teachers, examiners and authors, introduce students step by step, to the skills involved in the study of film. The second edition follows the new WJEC syllabus for 2008 teaching onwards and has a companion website with additional chapters and resources for students and teachers. Individual chapters address the following key areas, amongst others: British stars – Ewan McGregor genres – horror British production – Working Title social-political study – living with crime US film – Westerns film form spectatorship the practical application of learning. Specifically designed to be user friendly, the seond edition of AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction has a new text design to make the book easy to follow, includes more than 100 colour photographs and is jam packed with features such as: case studies relevant to the 2008 specification activities on films like Little Miss Sunshine, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Descent key terms example exam questions suggestions for further reading and website resources. Matched to the current WJEC specifciation, AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction covers everything students need to study as part of the course. Review 'The new edition has kept useful material, whilst updating some case studies and revamping some of the formats to offer itself as more an independent guide for students to use ... with clear explanations of key terms and with a range of examples from relatively recent films that students can use as models to apply to their own experience ... a good introduction for students at this level.' – Media Education Association Newsletter 'When I first flicked through the AS Film Studies book I was amazed on how much there is but the more there is the more you learn so I am extremely happy about that. I was looking for a book that is in good structured layout and easy to understand. I admit at first I didn't read much of it but now I am starting to read a topic every day, this is helping me with my essay c/w and storyboard evaluations. As for all the history in film, I have been reading through in detail and then putting notes down in my own words. I enjoy reading case studies as this helps me to relate to my case study in film studies. Overall a great book to have. I recommend it to anyone. So far my 2 friends in my class have been impressed by the book.' – S. Sultana, Film Studies Student, UK


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Publication Date: 2008-07-21
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