Acts of Abuse: Sex Offenders and the Criminal Justice System


by: Sampson, Adam
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description Sexual crime is a topic of massive public concern. Yet the debate over its causes and the appropriate responses of the criminal justice system is often fuelled by ignorance and prejudice, with little understanding of the reality of sexual crime. Acts of Abuse explores the response of the criminal justice system to this important issue. Its author, Adam Sampson, examines the existing research about the causes of rape and child abuse, the number of offences being committed, and the policy of the courts. He then examines in detail the responses of the probation service and the prison system to the increased number of offenders with which they are being required to deal. Written by a prominent critic of the British penal system, this is the first comprehensive survey of the phenomenon of sexual crime in the British penal context. It will appeal to students and all those with an interest in issues relating to crime and justice. Review `... extremely useful exposition of theoretical attempts to explain sexual crime, the development of acknowledged philosophies by treatment providers and the very important influences of feminist, victim and anti-discriminatory theories/experiences. This section alone wil be a helpful introduction to those intending to study or undertake work in the field. ... should be used a springboard to combat complacency and as an encouragement to prospective researchers.' - British Journal of Social Work `... a useful introduction to a difficult topic.' - Crime Law & Social Change `... an impressive ability to expose the cracks in the Criminal Justice System without engendering defensiveness. ... knowledge of the system is so extensive, ... criticisms of society's response to sexual crime are accurate and thought-provoking. - Feminist Legal Studies `... sets out the problems clearly and concisely. ... will interest and stimulate all who are concerned with the criminal justice system. - Justic of the Peace & Local Gvt Law `... an informed critical review of the present situation a good read for someone who wants to be put in the picture about current policy and practice.' - Ambov Quarterly April 94 `... clear, concise, yet comprehensive book, ...' - The Times Higher


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Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: 1993-12-02
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