Adolescent Coping: Advances in Theory, Research and Practice (Adolescence and Society)


by: Frydenberg, Erica
Format: Paperback

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Product Description Young people need to cope in a variety of settings, including school, home, peer groups and the workplace, and with a range of life problems such as examinations and parental divorce. This thoroughly revised and updated new edition of Adolescent Coping presents the latest research and applications in the field of coping. It highlights the ways in which coping can be measured and, in particular, details a widely used adolescent coping instrument. Topics include the different ways in which girls and boys cope, coping in the family, how culture and context determine how young people cope, decisional coping, problem solving and social coping, with a particular emphasis on practice. Each topic is considered in light of past and recent research findings and each chapter includes quotations from young people. While topics such as depression, eating disorders, self-harm and grief and loss are addressed, there is a substantial focus on the positive aspects of coping, including an emphasis on resilience and the achievement of happiness. In addition to the wide-ranging research findings that are reported, many of the chapters consider implications and applications of the relevant findings with suggestions for the development of coping skills and coping skills training. Adolescent Coping will be of interest to students of psychology, social work, sociology, education and youth and community work as well as to an audience of parents, educators and adolescents. Review "Frydenberg's text provides a complete picture of what we know about adolescents' coping abilities and challenges as well as the contexts in which they must cope. ... Her unique multi-dimensional classification of stress and coping strategies allows for a comprehensive approach to the prevention of youths' dysfunctions. ... [She] successfully has provided researchers and service providers with a starting point in studies, services and programs that promise a hopeful future for youth from all communities." - Anand Desai, Indiana University, USA, in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence “The book is a rich resource of theory, research and practical common sense. Examination of adolescence through a focus on coping enables topics of real interest and importance to be considered, so what we have in this book is, essentially, a new and creative way to look at adolescence. This is a scholarly work of significance, and the author is to be congratulated on the depth and breadth of her research and scholarship.” - Susan Moore, Professor of Psychology, Swinburne University of Technology “Dr. Frydenberg has written a comprehensive book that will enable mental health professionals to create assessment-to-interventions links for youth to learn and practice coping. The comprehensiveness, integrative nature, and scientific base of this book are impressive, distinctive features.” - Sandra L. Christenson, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota "Erica Frydenberg's book on Adolescent Coping: Advances in Theory, Research and Practice provides an exceptionally clear and useful summary of the extensive scholarship on this topic. Its contents will be of interest to a wide range of persons interested in adolescents, including practitioners and scholars." - Thomas Oakland, Professor, University of Florida and President, International Foundation for Children's Education About the Author Erica Frydenberg is a clinical, organizational, counselling and educational psychologist who has practised extensively in the Australian educational setting before joining the staff of the University of Melbourne where she is an Associate Professor in psychology in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.


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