Advances in Water Science Methodologies


by: Aswathanarayana, U
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description This book is a useful guide to employing remote sensing data to explain and illustrate interactions between atmospheric, oceanic and hydrological processes, incorporating the latest developments in the field. A number of applications, such as water resources management, environmental monitoring, climate prediction, agriculture, and preparation for and mitigation of extreme weather events are characterised by widely varying requirements for the spatial, temporal and spectral resolutions of remotely sensed data. To reflect this diversity of needs, this book considers a range of available data assimilation methods and technology transfer practices to give the reader thorough coverage of the different aspects of the subject area and to identify potential growth areas of remote sensing applications. Ideal for both students and professionals, this book provides a fuller picture of the subject, with the inclusion of related subjects such as data management and geomorphology, and two case histories of water resource management, dealing with water harvesting and water pollution. Review ..."a valuable guide of the latest innovative methodologies in water science. This book is a must for avid readers and practitioners of this discipline..." J. Geol. Soc.Ind., (Bangalore) November 2006. About the Author U. Aswathanarayana, has over 50 years of research and teaching experience in India, Tanzania and Mozambique and in the United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada. His specializations include Nuclear Geology, Geochemistry, Economic Geology and Natural Resources Management. The author is currently engaged in the development of the Mahadevan International Centre for Water Resources Management, Hyderabad, India, which is a part of the UNESCO – TWAS Network of Scientific Organizations. The Editor was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Geophysical Education Award (2005) of the American Geophysical Union for his meritorious contributions to the paradigm shift in geoscience instruction. Previous books by U. Aswathanarayana, published by A.A. Balkema Publishers, are Principles of Nuclear Geology (1986), Water Resources Management and the Environment (2001) and Mineral Resources Management and the Environment (2003). Dr Aswathanarayana is the recipient of the American Geophysical Union’s 2007 International Award for serving science and society in less developed countries by training geoscience personnel and developing geoscience infrastructure; promoting self-reliance in these countries. The award recognizes Dr Aswathanarayana’s outstanding contribution to furthering the Earth and space sciences and using science for the benefit of society in less favored nations.


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