Affirmative Action and Black Entrepreneurship (Century Foundation Book)


by: Boston, Thomas D
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description This volume isolates the cause of continuing disparities not only between blacks and whites, but amongst blacks as well. Key factors discussed include the current state of the economy the influence of public policies, the persistence of urban poverty, economic opportunities, changes in family and social structure and equal opportunities. The city of Atlanta is used as a case study focusing on the emergence of the new black entrepreneur, with data on black businesses drawn from records of almost 1000 black owned firms. Review "In "Affirmative Action and Black Entrepreneurship, Boston masterfully illustrates the overwhelming need to preserve affirmative action as a viable and fundamental strategy to increase the development and success of black entrepreneurs." -Kweisi Mfume, President and CEO of the NAACP "How rare is it that we get a knowledgeable literary work to read and utilize, one focusing on a volatile and sensitive policy, that proposes a rational and realistic plan for black business and employment growth in the immediate future? Seldom! Thomas Boston's "Affirmative Action and Black Entrepreneurship is one of those rare opportunities. Please...take advantage of it!." -Earl G. Graves, Publisher, "Black Enterprise Magazine "'Capitalism or Chaos' should be the title of Thomas Boston's study of Atlanta's affirmative action efforts. It works for Blacks and Whites alike. The alternative costs of poverty based on race and gender is too great for any democracy to bear. Our freedom is bound to the assurance of Free Enterprise for all: Affirmative Action." -Andrew Young About the Author Thomas D. Boston is Professor of Economics at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is editor of A Different Vision: Vol 1: African American Economic Thought and Vol. 2: Race and Public Policy. He is editor of the Review of Black Political Economy and has lectured and published widely on issues of race and economics.


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Publication Date: 1998-12-22
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