Africa Today: Culture, Economics, Religion, Security


by: Deegan, Heather
Format: Hardcover

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Product description In the post 9/11 global environment Africa is standing at a crossroads in international affairs as the combined issues of politics, religion and security attract renewed interest. While some countries seem to be moving forward with greater levels of confidence, democracy and stability, others continue to be mired in conflict, poverty and religious/ethnic division. This text focuses on key contemporary issues that the continent faces, providing a comprehensive introduction of current political, religious, developmental and security concerns. Features include: Individual chapters devoted to key issues including health, gender, corruption, religion and the newly emerging problems of human security. Case studies and detailed analysis of topical issues, including: Muslim/Christian clashes: Kano, Northern Nigeria Conflict, Arms and Reconstruction: Darfur and Sierra Leone Comprehensive range of countries discussed including: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya Ethiopia, Uganda, Lesotho, Somalia, Namibia and Madagascar. Fully up-to-date statistics including primary research based on interviews conducted by the author, providing data for both individual countries and the continent as a whole. Boxed descriptions explaining clearly the ideas in important subject areas, such as Islamic law and society By drawing on the author’s empirical research and situating discussion within the context of wider debate, Africa Today is designed both to introduce and to develop a deeper understanding of this rapidly changing continent an essential text for all students of African politics and International Relations. Review 'Dr Deegan’s volume provides a masterly account of the impact of the post 9/11 global environment on the African continent. Her analysis departs from more orthodox treatment in offering a thematic approach: hence a well researched and always relevant discussion of inter-alia, religion, development, democracy, gender and terrorism. This text will undoubtedly be invaluable to all who study Africa.' - Professor J. Spence OBE, King’s College London 'This is an informative and up-to-date analysis of Africa's most important challenges. It covers the continent's struggle to build democracy, promote economic development, combat major diseases, not the least HIV/AIDS, and deal with crimes and terrorist threats. Heather Deegan combines theoretical insights with a down-to-earth explanation of complex issues that makes this an ideal reader in many social sciences disciplines.' - Goran Hyden Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Florida USA About the Author Heather Deegan is Reader in Comparative Politics at Middlesex University, UK. Her publications include Third Worlds: The Politics of the Middle East and Africa (Routledge, 1996)


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