After Cosmopolitanism


by: Braidotti, Rosi
Format: Hardcover

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Product Description At a time when social and political reality seems to move away from the practice of cosmopolitanism, whilst being in serious need of a new international framework to regulate global interaction, what are the new definitions and practices of cosmopolitanism? Including contributions from leading figures across the humanities and social sciences, After Cosmopolitanism takes up this question as its central challenge. Its core argument is the idea that our globalised condition forms the heart of contemporary cosmopolitan claims, which do not refer to a transcendental ideal, but are rather immanent to the material conditions of global interdependence. But to what extent do emerging definitions of cosmopolitanism contribute to new representative democratic models of governance? The present volume argues that a radical transformation of cosmopolitanism is already ongoing and that more effort is needed to take stock of transformations which are both necessary and possible. To this end, After Cosmopolitanism calls for an understanding of cosmopolitanism that is more attentive to the material reality of our social and political situation and less focused on linguistic analyses of its metaphorical implications. It is the call for a cosmopolitanism that is also a cosmopolitics. Review "With After Cosmopolitanism, Rosi Braidotti, Patrick Hanafin, and Bolette Blaagaard have edited a fine book that is likely to appeal to a broad readership, within and beyond the social sciences and humanities." -Andreas Pöllmann, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico About the Author Rosi Braidotti is Distinguished Professor of the Humanities and the founder and director of the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Patrick Hanafin is Profesor of Law at Birkbeck, University of London where he also directs the Law School’s Centre for Law and the Humanities. Bolette Blaagaard is Interdisciplinary Research Fellow at the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism at City University London.


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Publication Date: 2012-09-14
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